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Mould Remediation is an Unregulated Profession

True Statement:  There is nothing stopping anyone from setting up a mould / mold remediation company and spraying, blasting, removing some affected material, etc. ... without having a proven or verifiable system in place.


Yes, there are unofficial quasi-certification programs and there are unofficial Internet-based organizations to which one can belong, but the content of the former is weak and unregulated while involvement in the latter shows only that the company has paid a minimal annual membership fee. 


HIP has a background in building science and microbiology and a 15-year proven track record as Attic Mould Remediation Specialists.  

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Treatment Cost has no Correlation with Efficacy 

Please refer to Competitor's Processes (see under the Blog tab above), but we would like to touch on the wide range of mould / mold remediation pricing that we come across in the bidding process.


This is probably not unsurprising given the unregulated nature of the remediation business but there is no correlation whatsoever between the quoted price of an attic mould treatment service and the quality of the service which is delivered ... to say nothing about whether the service includes addressing of the cause of the mould and the provision of a meaningful guarantee.

Taking the same property and the same amount of mould / mold, we regularly see quotes ranging from $500 (for spraying bleach) to $40,000 (for replacing a perfectly good roof). 

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Mould aka Mold

Mould with a "u" is the Canadian and U.K. spelling of the word. Mold without the "u" is the American spelling. Where this website often uses "mould / mold" for Social Media purposes, HIP prefers the spelling "Mould".

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