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About Us

 HIP Mould Professionals has successfully treated over 3000 attics since our company's inception in 2007.

 We have a thorough approach for attics that includes:


  • Killing the mould, the mould spores, & removing the visible signs.

  • Identifying the cause(s) of the mould and fixing those cause(s).


  • Providing a Non-Recurrence Guarantee that is automatically transferred between Seller & Buyer for Real Estate transactions.

  • Providing post-treatment documentation including a Clearance Certificate which certifies successful completion and that is signed by a Professional Engineer.

  • The treatment is a safe, non-toxic, water based, light-spray process that leaves no residue.

  • The process does not at all affect the integrity of the building materials.

  • Our attic treatments are performed year round.

  • Low Profile Service means:  No vehicle decals, No uniforms, No loud machinery.

  • Fully insured, specifically for Mould Remediation.

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