Commercial & Industrial Service

Mould-free commercial and industrial workplaces

During the last two decades, commercial real estate environmental audits have become routine. Buyers and sellers should not assume their audit covers mould!  With the sudden acceleration of mould litigation, buyers will likely require additional due diligence addressing mould concerns. Most environmental consultants will have an appropriate inspection and analysis criteria relating to mould issues. Testing for the presence of mould and mycotoxins should involve sampling affected and non-affected areas of a building in comparison to the outdoor air.


With commercial operations in full swing, there needs to be an appropriate protocol in place to address employee air quality concerns -- both for the health of staff and for liability purposes.


HIP has the only mould remediation process suitable for commercial properties -- both property in flux and those in full business operation.  We can complete remediation within weekend closure times and provide third-party guaranteed clean air assurances for safe return to work.