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Blog: Health Canada

What does Health Canada say?

Suburban House

Professional assistance    


"You may wish to seek advice on how you can address moisture and mould problems in your home. A qualified professional with experience dealing with moisture issues and mould could examine the condition of your home and document your concerns. They would identify the problems, find their sources and suggest solutions in a written report. Recommendations should be provided to you in a prioritized action plan consisting of various options on how to address the specific moisture and mould problems in your home."

"You also do not need to know the type of mould present in order to remove it.  Mould is a natural part of the environment and there are always mould spores in air. Simply finding mould spores in an air test does not necessarily mean there is a problem. The best way to reduce your health risk from mould is to identify and remove the moisture source(s) and clean up the mould."

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