What Our Customers Have to Say

I don't generally give recommendations lest my experience be a one-off, but I’d suspend my no-tell policy for HIP because they are so completely wonderful.

Jim S.

Oakville, ON

I am a person who relies on trust and first impressions. Your knowledge and described treatment process... stood out. It is safe to say our knowledge of attic mould was nil until we where hit with this...  I would have trouble supporting the encapsulation method which supports paint over damp wood, and hiding or disguising what is underneath. [It is like] when auto rustproofing was done by sealing the undercarriage with a rubber coating which sealed rust and water in making it worse rather than allowing the car to breath.

Grant Q.

Caledon, ON

Your team’s work was quite amazing!   I had no idea that the wood in my attic could ever look that clean again.  Photos can’t quite do justice to the amazing transition.  One needs to see it with their own eyes.  Your crew also left everything very neat and clean.  If I hadn't met them in the morning, I wouldn't have known they had been in the house. 

Dave D.

Rockwood, ON

Just wanted to thank you again for your help and guidance last  year in regard to our attic. I am happy to say that I (with great reluctance) popped my head into the attic yesterday morning when it was -19C and found everything dry as a bone!!!  No frost, sheathing dry to the touch, and all looking perfect.

Marcus K.

Mississauga, ON

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