6 Ways to Keep Mold from Growing in your Home

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Mold is prevalent throughout the year but really starts to kick in towards the end of spring. We start getting rain and an increase in overall humidity that creates an environment where mold thrives.

The unfortunate truth about mold is it’s not like other environmental allergies where it’s as simple as wiping off our feet and cleaning our faces to decrease the amount we endure. Mold growth can be obvious in bathrooms or showers, but we encounter mold in our homes, work spaces and schools without even knowing it.

A few ways to tackle mold allergies in your home are:

  • Keeping the indoor humidity below 50% You can combat this by using a dehumidifier and keeping your windows and doors closed (especially after rainy days). A Hygrometer, or instrument that measures humidity, can help you keep track. Humidity is a staple of affordable indoor home weather stations. Some modern thermostats, such as Nest, will help you monitor the level of humidity in your home.You can also

  • Removing mold spores in your living area A HEPA filter removes more than 97% of the mold spores in your home and only around 20-40 dollars.

  • Don’t hang wet clothes inside the house Make sure clothes are completely dry before hanging them in the closet or putting them away in drawers.

  • Wash tiles and grout in the bathroom frequently These areas are prime environments for mold growth. Regular cleaning can help prevent mold growth.

  • Use a fan in the bathroom that exhausts outdoors Air flow is your friend, bathroom fans extract moisture that would otherwise settle into your floor and linens. Run the fan during showers and for a few minutes after you get out.

  • Take indoor plants outside Moist soil lets mold thrive. Disturbing the plant and soil can release countless mold spores into the air and aggravate allergies.

If you continue to suffer symptoms of mold allergies, it might be time to see an allergist to discuss treatment options.

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