Former Employee Outs Hotel Mould

A fire emergency call alerted city leaders to problems at a hotel where blocked exits were reported.

Inspectors from Omaha Code Enforcement and the fire marshal's office made the rounds at the Westmont Inns and Suites near 108th and M streets on Friday. They said the visit was to check some blocked or locked exits in the hotel, but it looked like they were checking out a lot of other issues.

Mike Shadow is a self-described "disgruntled former employee," fired in December and he has nothing good to say about the Westmont. "They wanted us to cover up the mold in the building, paint the rooms, don't put anything on them and the building's still full of mold. It's in horrible condition. They won't paint the rooms, they won't redo the carpets, nothing. There's mold in the tower and all the rooms. We haven't treated none of it, none of it's been treated. They need to be held accountable for this."

The hotel has a new manager who's only been on the job since December. He said he could not comment on the situation, but people who work there agree there are some problems, but new management is working to make things better.

For now, the hotel will remain under the watchful eye of inspectors.

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