Detroit Teachers Protest for School Repairs, Cite Mold And Damage

Some teachers have said the conditions have made them ill.

Detroit teachers are speaking out about school conditions.

"We are seeing damage from the roof where it's raining and snowing. ... It's created these large humps in the floor," said Lakia Wilson, counselor at Spain Elementary School.

"You can see there is literally steam coming out of the parking lot asphalt. There is definitely a problem underneath the ground here," said a WXYZ reporter.

Teachers have staged "sick-outs" — strikes where they call in sick to protest the conditions.

But some teachers say the conditions are literally making them ill.

"There's cold air that just gushes through there as well as the mold," said Nancy Muerhoff, a teacher at Carleton Elementary.

After complaining of constant headaches, that teacher took a different job.

State legislators have toured some of the schools.

Some say there is plenty of good going on as well as bad.

"The easy thing to do is see what's not working. The harder thing to do is get to the solution," said State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo.

City officials will inspect all Detroit Public Schools through April.

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